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MEV Atomic


The MEV Atomic has been designed with raw performance in mind. It is a single seat vehicle and has the engine located at the side of the driver for perfect weight distribution. The donor vehicle is a Yamaha R1 motorcycle (1998-2006) which gives the car a very high power to rate ratio. It has a prop shaft driven rear axle.



The chassis is a fully triangulated steel space frame, designed to achieve an extremely high level of strength capable of producing a torsional strength of more than 2,500 Nm per degree. The main tubulars are arranged efficiently to absorb the loads at the node points such as the roll hoop and the top of the suspension connection points.


Length: 11.51 ft (3.51 meters)

Width: 5.83 ft (1.78 meters)

Height: 3.67 ft (1.02 meters)

Weight: About 735 lbs (334 kilos)


For the front, hubs and radial brake caliper mount (to install optional Wilwood/Spec A etc) radial 4 pot calipers.

For the rear hubs, calipers, and discs are provided in the kit .


The standard power plant is the 150 hp 998cc Yamaha R1 engine and transmission obtained from the donor. These units are not the most powerful in their field but offer excellent value for the money. With 150 hp on tap in car that weighs in at 735 lbs, this results in a horsepower to weight ratio of 4.8 (450hp per tonne) – supercar territory indeed.


Ride quality is always a personal preference and so the tR1ke features fully adjustable suspension settings. The all round coil over shock absorbers can be adjusted in ride height and damping. Basically the perfect feel can be achieved to suit all drivers. The standard steering rack supplies 2.8 turns lock to lock but a quicker 2.4 option is available.


By designing the chassis to be very efficient yet immensely strong, coupled with the R1 power plant and alloy suspension components, an incredibly low mass of 735 kilos has been achieved in the vehicle.


Build your MEV Atomic - Base Vehicle @ $9,523.00

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